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COVID-19 News & Updates


To prioritize a healthy rehearsal culture, the Pride of Indy Bands have the following tentative requirements, procedures, and suggestions. 

  • Social distancing of six feet will be observed whenever possible. The rehearsal space will be organized to prioritize social distancing.  

  • Masks will be worn at all indoor events when not actively rehearsing.

  • We will provide music for you unless you email our librarian to make healthy arrangements ahead of time. 

  • All financial transactions will be online unless you email our treasurer to make healthy arrangements ahead of time. 

  • Stay in your rehearsal area, and plan to go directly to and from your seat. In the rehearsal space, chairs will be spaced apart to facilitate the most feasible social distancing. 

  • Restrooms are available; please follow all Marian University signage and guidance.

  • Store cases in your designated social distancing radius. Extra personal items should be left outside the rehearsal area whenever possible. 

  • Contact the Board President as soon as you find out you have potentially been exposed to the virus, begin experiencing symptoms, or test positive.


Required Materials: 

  • To Participate, you must sign, in advance; the Covid-19 Liability Waiver.

  • A music stand will be checked out to you for the season.

    • Music stands will be sanitized prior to distribution.

    • If lost or damaged, you will be charged $60

    • No other/extra music stands will be available if you forget your music stand.

  • Bring your own music rehearsal supplies. 

    • Do not share instruments. 

    • Do not share instrument supplies (sticks, reeds, mouthpiece, valve oil, etc.). 

    • Avoid sharing music stands, sheet music, and pencils. 



  • Get Vaccinated!

  • Take a coronavirus test or an antibody test early enough to get results before your first in-person rehearsal if possible. 

  • Addition Mask Safety Options:

    • Percussionists wear a typical cloth or surgical mask over the mouth and nose. 

    • Flutists wear a typical cloth or surgical mask over the mouth and nose, and the head joint should slide into the mask when playing. 

    • All other wind players wear a modified cloth mask over the mouth and nose with a specific opening for the mouthpiece/reed. See the resources below for instructions. 



Making masks and instrument PPE: 

o   CDC instructions for making your own typical cloth mask 

o   Instructions for making your own modified mask design (for everyone except flute/percussion) 

o   Instructions for two modified mask designs (for everyone except flute/percussion), woodwind bags, and brass bell covers 

o   Instructions for woodwind bags 


Sanitation recommendations: 

o   CDC guidance about handwashing 

o   NAfME guidance about instrument cleaning 

o   Yamaha Instrument Disinfection Guide for winds and strings 



Instrumental Music Studies and Covid-19: 

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