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2017 Board Elections

Once per year the Board of Directors holds elections for open positions.  Elections for 2017 will take place on Tuesday, November 21st at Broadway United Methodist Church.  

Each member in good standing will be able to vote to elect up to four candidates.  

Before voting, each candidate will be given two minutes to talk about their background and what makes them qualified to serve.  

Please see below for a list of candidates.  

Laura Blake

My passion for band and board work centers around creating the best possible experiences for our membership and for our larger community involvement. If elected I hope to continue to serve as president offering both consistency and stability to the organization.

Christopher Dailey

My enthusiasm to seek an open position on the board is driven by the opportunity to further support and grow the organization to continue being a source of community and creative outlet for all. See Christopher's CV here.

Brian Gibson

I want to focus on membership retention and rehearsal attendance and ensure that everyone who walks into our rehearsal space feels welcome and confident in the choice they made to be a part of us. I want to assist the band with growth; personally, musically, and in our community.

Sophia McCormick

Elections seem to bring about talk for others about all of the things they want to change. I don’t have a platform of change rather a desire to keep constant the culture of acceptance present within the group. See Sophia's resume here.

Blake Miller

I have be an off and on member since 2012, and have gotten to see a lot of change in the ensemble that has brought about good balance and continued growth, and I feel at this time I have opinions and ideas that could be useful in continuing our patterns of success and growth.

David Rosencrans

During my short time as a member of the group I have made many new acquaintances, played some fun music, and have been able to more closely connect with the LGBTQ community. I feel that I have the drive and ambition that would be an asset to the organization.

Tyler Walker

If I am elected to join the board, I will do my best to make sure we have not just classical and inspirational music, but also fun music and more contemporary music.

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